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Confined Space Rescuer

Course Code: 6986     Duration: 8 Hours    


The focus of this course is confined space rescue training. The course features a high degree of hands on scenarios that will require attendees to actively participate in confined space rescue applications. The training utilizes pre-engineered rescue systems and techniques that are easily adaptable to both team and peer rescue. Specific focus on the implementation and monitoring of a rescue plan will be covered. It should be noted that this is not a technical rope rescue course.
NOTE: The Confined Space Level 2 program is a pre-requisite.


• Defining confined space rescue • Understanding hazards and associated risks for confined space rescues • Managing and developing confined space rescue plans • Understanding the personnel roles and procedures for confined space rescue • Understanding how to conduct a non-entry rescue • Understanding how to conduct an entry rescue • Understanding selection and use of equipment for rescue entry and egress • Understanding basic rescue and emergency response procedures

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