Meet Our Team

Ron O'Neil // Director

Ron O’Neil is currently director of Fall Protection Group and has been involved with the occupational health and safety industry for almost twenty-five years. He has worked extensively across a broad variety of industries in Canada, the United States, SE Asia and S. America.

Ron also currently serves as Chair of the Z259 Technical Committee, Vice-Chair of the CSA Strategic Steering Committee (SSC) on OHS and working group chair for the Z1001 Standard on the Management of Occupational Health and Safety Training. He has also been part of several Provincial Committees setting standards for regulatory authorities or the development of Best Practices documents.

Martin Lalonde // Program Development

Marty is a hard working and enterprising individual who has many areas of expertise. Marty heads up program development for  Fall Protection Group Inc. He has an extensive background in teaching fall protection, industrial high-angle rescue and has over 15 years of experience in fall protection education. Combining a B.Sc. with a degree in Education, allows him to have a unique insight into the development of the educational programs at the company.

Andrew Dawson // Operations Manager

Like the man in the engine room of a World War 2 submarine, Andrew is responsible for controlling the chaos and ensuring that the Fall Protection Group machine is well oiled and running tip-top. With management experience in tourism, manufacturing and technology companies, Andrew excels at balancing the ‘now’ while maintaining an eye on the ever-moving future. He has an MBA from University of Calgary, and is extremely enthusiastic about business.  His passion for ski racing outside of work is consistent with his fast paced and hard working management style.

Anne Marie Shutt // Print Media

Anne Marie is a long time member of the Fall Protection Group team, and heads up our print media division.  Her eye for print media enables her to create industry leading student manuals and course material.  Her pleasant demeanor and glowing personality lifts the spirits of the office every day.  But as an extremely hard worker, who has a passion for her career, she's not all smiles and sunshine.

Brianna Blackburn // Student Services

Brianna represents the front line of our Student Services department.  Her job is fast paced and demanding, but she manages to do it with a high degree of accuracy and a smile on her face.  This is probably because she is well versed in the art of customer service with her plethera of experience in both the Travel and Insurance industries.  Having studied Tourism and Human Resource Management (Thunder Bay), Brianna has lived all over Canada, and is quite happy to call Calgary her home now.  Because she is rebelious by nature, she drinks the new Diet Dr. Pepper, even though it's just for men.  She also pluralizes the word 'Safeway'.

Dave Nelson // Training and Education

Although Dave has a diploma in Human Sciences specializing in Occupational Health and Safety, he has pursued many careers in his life. From carpenter to oilfield derrickhand, to body piercer, you could say that Dave has done it all. 5 years into his oilfield career, Dave suffered from a career-ending fall. His passion immediately shifted to safety training. His personal motto is "training is the foundation for a safe workplace; and great training equates to great worksites". Dave enjoys spending quality time on the couch with his girlfriend, playing XBox with his sons and annoying the IT department.

Catherine Girard // Cadet Leadership Program Director

Catherine is the key person working in the Rocky Mountain National Army Cadet Summer Training Centre Leadership & Challenge. In conjunction with Yamnuska Mountain Adventure, this involves planning, instruction and delivery of teaching outdoor adventure sports and leadership skills to 180 gold star Canadian army cadets each summer. Catherine’s Outdoor Leadership and Tourism Adventure degree from University of Quebec in Chicoutimi, allows her to bring excellent perspective to the program’s risk management component. Although her preference is to be working in the field and not behind her desk, she works out everyday to keep her positive energy flowing. Her other secret is that, just like Astérix, she consumes a lot of her magic potion… Maple Syrup. 

Jodie Giroux // Trainer Services

There is a ray of sunshine that has exploded through the walls of Fall Protection Group, and she goes by the name of Jodie Giroux. With an aptitude for organization, Jodie is the one you want taking care of training records. Her education in bookkeeping and accounting, combined with her 16 years of experience within two different credit unions have empowered her to ensure all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. Jodie is one of the most easiest people on earth to get a long with, and truly cares about her coworkers and the customers she deals with. When she's not working she enjoys biking with her kids, running, cross stitching, and road trips!

Joel Crawford // Training and Education

Joel arrived at Fall Protection Group in his 400 horse power hot rod, after retiring as captain from his epic 21 year career as a fire fighter and medic. He is also a wild land fire fighting instructor. His intense passion for saving others shines through in his dedication to the fields of safety and rescue. On the weekends he can be found gaining inspiration from his favorite television show: Power Block, which helps him generate ideas on how to get even more horse power out of his many gear-headed automotive projects.

Jeremy Brown // Training and Education

A Bachelor of Education degree combined with a very well traveled and love of the outdoors background, Jeremy brings a unique perspective and skill-set to the team at FPG Inc. His current responsibilities include training and educating both in the field and the classroom, assisting in program development, and technical writing for both fall protection courses and rescue based programs. His pursuit of excellence mirrors well the goal of Fall Protection Group Inc.; to be Innovative. Safety. Leaders.

Darryl Burgoyne // Training and Education

Darryl's passion for incorporating a family-oriented perspective in both his professional and personal life makes him a unique addition to the Fall Protection Team. From training individuals and groups in safety and fall protection to coaching his two young sons in hockey and baseball, Darryl's enthusiasm for teaching is unmistakable. His designation as a National Construction Safety Officer helps him facilitate a solid learning environment, but it's his experience maintaining control amongst the chaos that twelve youngsters generate that gives him his go-getter attitude!

Tom Williams // Training and Education

Tom’s background is in training, tutoring, and teaching. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Alberta, and several years of experience teaching theatre and English language arts classes in junior and senior high schools across the province, Tom’s engaging, student-centered approach to instruction ensures his students enjoy their courses, and retain what they hear. With a trained eye for typographical errors and a gift for grammar, Tom also proofreads much of what FPG Inc. puts into print.

Chris Szymiec // Training and Education

Before arriving at Fall Protection Group, Chris spent his time climbing the high mountains of the world. In his seven years as an expedition leader, Chris participated in over forty high altitude climbing expeditions, including two to the summit of Mt. Everest. Longing for a hot shower and a warm bed, Chris returned to Canada to become a medic and a safety professional. His love of teaching and mentorship has steered him in the direction of FPG, where he focuses on fall protection and industrial rope rescue. In his spare time Chris loves ski touring, climbing and of course the obligatory après activity barbecue.

Deborah Pollard // Backend Code Boffin

Debs is a well-travelled citizen of three different countries who has a passion for software development, databases and sifting through mounds of data. Over-educated in several fields, she has managed to work productively in medical and engineering fields as well as general IT in Britain and Canada. If a device has buttons, she can program it. In fact, legend has it that she was one of the only people on earth who had actually figured out how to properly program a VCR during the 1980s. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of Linux and Python has created a few self esteem issues for Google.

Gavan Brown // Tech Guru

Gavan Brown is a unique addition to Fall Protection Group's technology team, as he is skilled in both graphic design and software development.  Armed with a Computer Technology Diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and over 12 years programming experience, Gavan can take on the role of developer when called upon.  But with a lifetime of graphic design and traditional art background, Gavan is an artist at heart.