Expert Consulting

The following are some of the expert consulting services that Fall Protection Group Inc. offers as a part of our training programs or as stand alone services.  If you'd like to drop us a line, or would like more detailed information regarding the services below, please visit the contact page.


Expert Witness Services

Fall Protection Group has extensive experience acting as an expert witness in fall accident cases.  Our vast knowledge in the field of fall protection and rescue has made us a valuable resource in the courtroom.

Risk Assessment

It can be difficult to accurately determine the exact risks of falling in a workplace.  When we're tailoring a course to your environment and determining best practices, our experts are able to accurately identify the risks your worker will face when in an at height situation.

Rescue Assessment

Elements such as training, environment, tasks and personnel can make rescue planning complex.  To develop an effective rescue plan, we work directly on location with the client to establish real rescue needs.  Our philosophy regarding rescue emphasizes simplicity, not only in techniques, but also equipment. 

Safe Work Procedures

The best way to avoid getting hurt by a fall on the job site, is to avoid falls all together.  Fall Protection Group has an abundance of experience working with clients to create a full set of safe work policies and procedures, when working at height.  This generally culminates in a set of highly detailed documentation, featuring step by step instructions on how to properly perform specific jobs effectively, while avoiding fall hazards.